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This luxury loft building by architects Koning Eizenberg in the heart of West Hollywood was ready for an update since its 2009 completion. The multi-year renovation began with bringing the tired exterior Ipe wood back to life with a rich finish.

In the Lobby, NJD designed a playful custom light installation, and commissioned a vibrant triptych painting from artist Steve Hahn to bring new energy to this formerly barren space.

An open interior courtyard already included beautiful landscaping and connected the lofts, but lacked definition as a community space. We leaned into the idea of a Plaza, with a few cafe tables that invited lingering over coffee, a giant daybed that invited lounging, and a Zen garden that invited meditative raking.

On another level, the Balcony was furnished as a spacious outdoor living room, with more opportunities for tenants to gather or be alone.

With a giant circular swing as a focal point, the Pool Lounge was designed as a party-ready space, with lots of places for tenants and their guests to eat, lounge and lay out. We added an outdoor kitchen, renovated the bathroom, and installed an outdoor shower screen and signage designed for the project by artist B-Luv. 

Several of the loft interiors were updated for sale by NJD with new flooring, lighting, kitchens and bathrooms.

Finally, we staged a succession of the lofts as they came on the market, contributing to millions of dollars in sales for the property owners. 

Video and Portfolio by Jeremy Spann

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